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Wildflowers in the Canyon with Amanda Ackerman & Saewon Oh

  • Topanga, CA United States


Wildflowers in the Canyon



Please join Amanda and Saewon for a day in the canyon exploring the medicine of our local wildflowers.  In this workshop, we will discuss the unique healing properties of flowers as remedies for daily self-care and deeper energetic healing.  We will learn how to create and work with flower essences-- vibrational remedies that address the psycho-spiritual and energetic aspects of wellness.  Immersing ourselves in the local landscape, we will also take an interactive plant walk, explore techniques for plant communication, and make a flower essence to take home.  

The workshop will be held at a private outdoor location overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Topanga Canyon. The address & directions will be emailed to you once you RSVP. Space is limited. All are welcome. To RSVP please click on the link below.

Cost of workshop: $75, which includes a flower essence to take home

Saewhon Oh (left) & Amanda Ackerman

Saewhon Oh (left) & Amanda Ackerman

Amanda Ackerman is an author, teacher, and flower essence practitioner living in Los Angeles.  She has been a flower essence therapist for over 17 years and has recently founded Plant Language, a hub for flower and vibrational remedies. Her own work with the plant world focuses on the feralscape, divining techniques that allow for communication across species boundaries.  Her book The Book of Feral Flora was published in 2015 and uses biofeedback techniques that allow plants to create poems. She regularly offers flower essence therapy readings in Los Angeles and beyond.

Saewon Oh is an herbalist and friend of the flora who attended the Ohlone Center for Herbal Studies and the Gaia School of Healing.  Her work engages healing dialogues with nature, our bodies, and the environment.  She offers herbal consultations, teaches workshops, and is also the founder of Sun Song, a line of herbal teas, potions, and locally made flower essences.

A Guided Meditation with Dinner (Anders Rhedin) & A talk by Maja D’Aoust (The White Witch of LA)
4:00 pm16:00

A Guided Meditation with Dinner (Anders Rhedin) & A talk by Maja D’Aoust (The White Witch of LA)

  • PRIVATE OUTDOOR LOCATION Topanga, CA, 90290 United States





Sound Alchemy

A Guided Meditation with Dinner + Talk by the White Witch of LA, Maja D’Aoust


Guided Meditation by Dinner

The past year, Dinner has frequently been leading guided meditations in an abandoned art studio in LA. Join us for “Dinner's Dream Journey,” a 40-minute guided meditation.

Dinner (Anders Rhedin) has put out 2 records and 2 hypnosis tapes on Captured Tracks and toured the world with Mac Demarco and Prince Rama. Dinner’s music combines 80s sounding thrash-pop with thematic overtones of spiritual longings, human lust, and the impermanence of all things…  


Sound & Vibration in Alchemy & the Occult

a talk by Maja D’Aoust, The White Witch of LA

Many metaphysical sources discuss the importance of sound and vibration, but what are they really talking about? Explore the science, reality & symbolism of the effects of sound on our bodies minds and spirits with White Witch Maja D'Aoust as she examines this fascinating subject.  Learn about sound as a mechanism to transmit multidimensional information and how it is used in purposeful magic to influence and compel.

Maja is a practising Witch who performs public rituals and gives educational lectures. Maja's interest in Alchemy, magic and the esoteric sciences spans her entire lifetime.  After completing her Bachelors degree in Biochemistry, Maja studied oriental medicine, martial arts and acupuncture, later earning her Masters degree in Transformational Psychology. Maja worked for 11 years as the librarian of Manly P. Hall's Philosophical Research Society. Author of several books, journal articles and blog content Maja writes and is a visual artist. Currently, Maja is starting a public educational non-profit 501 c-3 called The Well Wishers which focuses on teaching wellness and esoteric sciences to the community.


$45. The event will be held at a private outdoor location overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Topanga Canyon.Mushroom tea provided by Four Sigmatic. Space is limited. All are welcome.