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Spirit Speak: Intuitive Development & the Tarot


Spirit Speak:


6–9PM Sunday August 27  |  Topanga CA

This workshop is designed for beginner to intermediate tarot readers. We will start with a quick introduction to tarot, familiarizing ourselves with the major and minor arcana suits. Then we will explore how to develop our intuition by making and interpreting abstract images. We will learn and practice tarot spreads with an emphasis on custom and intuitive spread making. We will also touch upon reversed readings, grounding, protection, and altar making. Other subjects we’ll explore include; how to choose a tarot deck, interviewing a new deck, using oracle decks and how they are different, and using multiple decks in one reading.

The goal is to learn to use our intuition and creative thinking to become better acquainted with tarot. The ancient system of archetypes that is the tarot can be overwhelming. Our approach in this class will be to become empowered in our own authority of what the cards mean to us. We will work together in comparative studies of different decks and partner readings.

The event will be held at a private outdoor location in Topanga Canyon. We’ll enjoy nourishing light bites from chef, Greg Arnold of Santa Barbara's Mesa Verde

Space is limited. Tickets are non-refundable. All are welcome. RSVP below.

Mary Elizabeth Evans  is an artist and tarot reader based out of Joshua Tree, California. She is the creator and publisher of the Spirit Speak Tarot Deck, the Vessel Oracle Deck, the Iris Oracle Deck, the Divina Tarot Deck, and the Road to Nowhere Oracle. Primarily self-taught, Mary’s approach to teaching and reading tarot focuses on creativity and self empowerment. Her workshops explore ways in which we can build trust in our intuition. She believes that everyone has the natural ability to use tarot as a tool for helping themselves and others.