Coconut Chlorella Mint Ice Cream

Coconut Chlorella Mint Ice Cream

This beautiful raw ice cream is one of our favorites. Made with fresh mint, Sun Potion ChlorellaTocos, sprouted Brazil nut cream and other nutrient-dense superfoods. It’s pretty impressive. This raw, sugar-free, plant-based, and all organic recipe tastes great and feels amazing in the body. 

what you'll need

2 cups Brazil nut cream (soak, then blend)
2 cups fresh coconut meat
2 Tbsp coconut water
2 Tbsp Tocos
4 grams chlorella
12 large fresh mint leaves
3 droppers full of stevia
1 tsp ground vanilla
1 pinch Celtic sea salt

how to make it

Blend 1 1/2 cups of Brazil nuts with 2 cups of filtered water in a high-speed blender. Strain through a nut-milk bag. Rinse out blender then pour the Brazil-nut cream back in.

Add the coconut meat, Tocos, coconut water, chlorella, mint leaves, stevia, vanilla and salt to the Brazil-nut cream. Blend on high until all ingredients are incorporated well. This is your ice cream base. Taste and adjust flavors as needed.

Chill ice cream base for 24 hours then churn in your ice-cream maker per instructions from manufacturer. Serve scoops with fresh mint!

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