Native Plants & Local Wool for Kids

With local plants, learn how to extract the colors and dye locally sourced wool from sheep and alpaca. Spin the wool with your very own spindle and bring home a ball of yarn that you hand dyed along with a spindle.



Dreamcatchers & Storytelling

Learn the story behind a dream catcher. Create with hand-made beads, local plants and objects and the history behind a dreamcatcher and its purpose.


Cordage & Native Fibers

Wander walk on the land with a naturalist and learn about the traditional use of native plants in your backyard. Learn the history of the making of cordage – rope and string – and how it served as an extremely important technology that was used by native peoples in California. Make a necklace or a bracelet!


Story Time & Nature Walk


Aubree McAtee

...believes in creating meaningful education experiences.  She has been called to find a balance between teaching and listening, and has created and ran educational programs in Patagonia for Conservación Patagónica for over two years, working and developing the future Patagonia National Park in Chile. She hopes to bridge the gap in urban neighborhoods providing nature connection for all children and while continuing to collaborate with parks and reserves to create educational programs that honor the land, culture and its people. Currently, she serves as an outreach and education coordinator for a small nonprofit in San Francisco and spends her free time holding children's space and workshops in nature.