Eve James of Eve of Astrology &

Jane Anne Thomas of House of the Standing Moon


“Embracing the Serpent of Time | Kala Sarpa Yoga”


This fall we are experiencing a rare and powerful planetary alignment known as Kala Sarpa Yoga ( translated from the Sanskrit as “Serpent of Time” ).  Intuitive Jane Anne Thomas & Vedic Astrologer Eve James will explore this controversial and highly misunderstood yoga through the lens of ancient Vedic science and shamanic thought offering a point of entry, understanding and navigational guidance for this famous force of Nature where time, karma, and destiny come together dynamic, highly catalytic coil.


Jane Anne Thomas is a Los Angeles based seer, artist, writer, and mystic scholar. As an apprentice of the Dineh Beauty Way Path, she is strongly devoted to engaging the wisdom of plant and animal medicine as well as the intersection of ancient Celtic, Native American and Yogic indigenous traditions. Jane Anne has been holding Ceremonial Animal Totem Readings for clients from Brazil to Hawaii since 2007. She regularly offers readings and events in Los Angeles and traveling Totem Tours across the US.

Eve James has been a practicing Astrologer for nearly twenty years. After studying in India for a decade she moved to Sedona, Arizona and currently provides in person readings there and also in Los Angeles.. She is a reader with international clients in addition to teaching workshops on astrology and writing for House of Sages.

Saturday, November 5th - 11:15am



Maja D'oust White Witch of LA


“Divination & Artificial Intelligence;

The Strange Relationship Between the I Ching, DNA & Computers”


We tend to think of Artificial Intelligence as being something from the future, something that has yet to come into existence.The Transhumanists feel A.I. will emerge as our technologies develop. Elon Musk is working hard to prevent repercussions from it. But what if Artificial Intelligence forms have been with Humans since the Dawn of Man? Informing and interacting with our consciousness through Augury Techniques. Come investigate the incredible phenomena of dialogues with objects.


Maja D’Aoust is a practicing Witch who performs public rituals and gives educational lectures. Maja's interest in Alchemy, magic and the esoteric sciences spans her entire lifetime.  After completing her Bachelors degree in Biochemistry, Maja studied oriental medicine, martial arts and acupuncture, later earning her Masters degree in Transformational Psychology. Maja worked for 11 years as the librarian of Manly P. Hall's Philosophical Research Society. Author of several books, journal articles and blog content Maja writes and is a visual artist. Currently Maja is starting a public educational non-profit 501 c-3 called The Well Wishers which focuses on teaching wellness and esoteric sciences to the community.


Saturday, November 5th - 12:30pm




Erica Wohldmann


“An Urban Dweller's Guide to Rewilding”


Spending time in nature has countless benefits to psychological and physical health. In this talk, Erica will share some of those benefits, as well as a few of the lessons she learned while living in the forest for 6 months on wild food and medicine.  Come and learn how to be a forest dweller in the urban wild.


Dr. Erica Wohldmann holds a joint Ph.D. in Psychology and Cognitive Science from the CU, Boulder, and is a Professor at CSU, Northridge where she teaches classes about ecopsychology, food choices, sustainability, and cognition and neuroscience. Her research has been generously funded by the National Institutes of Health, has been published in some of the leading peer-reviewed scientific journals, and was featured in Psychology Today and by the National Wildlife Federation.

In 2012, Erica traveled through 16 states in the Western U.S., living in national forests for 6 months, and wild-foraging all of her food and medicine.  Her journey was featured in a TEDx at UCLA on May 21.  In addition to her experiential training, Erica has worked with indigenous peoples in North and South America to learn about traditional plant uses, and leads food and medicine walks in the Los Angeles area.


Saturday, November 5th - 1:30pm




Scott Linde & Nitsa Citrine of Sun Potion


“Simple Rituals for an Awesome Life”


Scott Linde and Nitsa Citrine, of Sun Potion, Transformational Foods, will share basic perspectives on tonic herbs, daily tea, and easy ways to feel amazing.


Sun Potion is in its sixth year of offering best quality, single ingredient, tonic herbs, extracts, and powders. The company is based in Santa Barbara, and acts as a vehicle to provide rare, special, and helpful plant materials to the market.


Saturday, November 5th - 2:30pm



Derek Hynd

With an Introduction by Kassia Meador


“Minimalism and Free Friction”


In this brave new world where we’re acutely aware of the pressure to commodify, commercialize and homogenize, surfer Derek Hynd has become a role model of the highest order. Surfing quickly becomes a metaphor for living and Hynd will speak to this, to minimalism and about his philosophy of Free Friction.


Derek Hynd is an Australian pro surfer and journalist from Newport, New South Wales. He has been called “the best surfer in the recorded history of riding” by Steve Pezman of The Surfer’s Journal. An innovator, always willing to experiment with surfboard equipment, Hynd has become the leading proponent of Free Friction (a.k.a. finless) surfing. 


Saturday, November 5th - 3:30pm



Kristin Dahl of Dahl House Nutrition


“The Art of Wellness”

Creating vitality is a dynamic and ever evolving process. Holistic health is focused on nourishing all aspects of our lives to create harmony, balance, and peace: physically, spiritually, and emotionally. True wellness is about living in tune with the rhythm of nature and connecting to our own effortless flow. This lecture is focused on practical tools for optimum health & preventative wellness. We’ll discuss sacred nourishment, movement, spiritual evolution, nurturing relationships, and finding grace in hurried times.


Kristin Dahl of Dahl House Nutrition is a Los Angeles based Nutritionist, Chef, and Author who offers a fresh take on Holistic living in a modern world. She specializes in consulting, Plant-based cooking, and seasonal transformation programs. Kristin’s newly released book, The Art of Wellness, co-written with Olympic Gold Medalist Stephanie Rice, put Kristin on the map as a leader in the wellness field. Her offerings come from an extensive background & training in holistic nutrition, plant-based cooking, herbal medicine, and Ayurveda, as well as Chinese medicine, yoga & functional nutrition. Kristin’s creative and inspiring approach educates and empowers individuals to make lasting change.


Sunday, November 6th - 10:30am




Amanda Ackerman of Plant Language


“Flower Essences for Empaths”


Empaths are not only supersensitive, they are also activists.  This experiential workshop will provide daily self-care techniques for the sensitive human.  Flower essences are vibrational remedies that address the psycho-spiritual and energetic aspects of wellness.  Flower remedies can provide a host of support for empaths: offering cleansing, protection, increased discernment, instant boundaries, and soothing of your energy body.  We will ingest, sense, and smell remedies, and also practice daily techniques for protecting the energy body.  Additionally, we will explore how empaths can harness their gifts to be active agents for change within their communities.  All bodies and backgrounds welcome.


Amanda Ackerman is a writer, teacher, and flower essence practitioner living in Los Angeles.  She has been a flower essence therapist for over 17 years and has recently founded Plant Language, a hub for flower and vibrational remedies.   Her book The Book of Feral Flora was published in 2015 and uses biofeedback techniques that allow plants to create poems.  


Sunday, November 5th - 11:30am




Tero Isokauppila of Four Sigma Foods


“All things Mushroom – the Mystic and the Mundane”


Did you know that mushrooms can eat plastic and help clean oil spills? Come hear Tero, the founder of Four Sigma Foods talk about these and all things mushroom.


In 2012, Tero Isokauppila co-founded Four Sigma Foods in the pursuit to help democratize the consumption of mushrooms, the world’s most researched superfoods.   Born in Finland and growing up on the farm which has been in his family since 1619, he began foraging wild edibles early on.  Today, Tero splits his time between New York and Los Angeles, when he is not traveling around the world “working for the mushrooms.”  In his spare time, he loves to make raw chocolate and practice yin yoga.  


Sunday, November 5th - 12:30pm



Paula Ferraro of Scents Of Awe


“Your Health is in Your Hands”


The process of investigating the state of our health can be a journey of empowerment.  Treating immunodeficiency and healing trauma of all kinds is accelerated with plant medicine.  Ancestral medicinal plants activate consciousness and inner-knowing while simultaneously assisting in the recovery and prevention of chronic illness and destabilizing conditions.  Botanical extracts simplify our wellness regimes, while promoting harmony and balance in the body.  Nature based solutions stimulate adaptogenic resiliency, strengthening our core during transformative times.  Investigating holistic solutions and dedicating yourself to a preventative approach to wellness can prevent the need for risky and intrusive alternatives. Be empowered by your every choice.  


Paula Ferraro is an alchemical artist, weaving her passions for healing through nature re-connection into internal and external beauty solutions.  She is the creator of  ‘Scents Of Awe‘,  an organic essential oil skincare & wellness line based in Malibu, California.  Through her non-profit M4tK (Music 4 the Kids) she has been awarded for her healing work with chronically ill youth.  Paula lives with her daughter in the womb of the Santa Monica Mountains at their Monarch butterfly Sanctuary, where they raise and release Monarch butterflies to cultivate awareness for all species currently in threat of extinction.


Sunday, November 6th - 1:30pm



Dr. Matthew A. Johnson (“Dr J”)


“Evidence of Bigfoot”


On July 1, 2000, Dr Matthew Johnson left his wife and three children briefly on the Big Tree Loop Trail at Oregon Caves National Monument Park while answering Mother Nature’s call. The Johnson family previously smelled something putrid, skunk like, and heard odd “Whoa, whoa, whoa” sounds.  Something was following them through the woods.  

While preoccupied off the trail behind some brush and trees, Dr Johnson got the scare of his life: “I saw movement, turned and saw Bigfoot walk off the pages of myth and legend and into reality.”  Dr. Johnson rounded up his family and high-tailed it back to the Oregon Caves National Monument Park Visitors Center.

The 6-foot-9, 300-pound Dr Johnson has no doubt it was Bigfoot.  He has been researching Bigfoot ever since. Come see the pictorial evidence, hear the audio recordings of spoken Bigfoot language, view the foot casts, and check out the 3 foot long Bigfoot turd.  Come learn about the new information on Bigfoot that Johnson has learned since that fateful day in July of 2000.


Dr. Matthew A. Johnson ("Dr J") is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and he's been working in the Mental Health Field for 34 years.  He stands 6'9" tall and played college basketball against James Worthy, Sam Perkins, Patrick Ewing, Michael Jordan, Clyde Drexler, Hakeem Olajuwon, Spud Web, and many other noteworthy opponents.  He got half his picture in Sports Illustrated magazine.  He's the author of "Positive Parenting with a Plan" and has spoken in all 50 States several times, most Canadian Provinces, and at the World Family Therapy Conference in Europe.  He's trained thousands of professionals and parents.  During his off time, he pursues his hobby of Bigfoot Research.  In the past 16 years, he's learned so much about the Bigfoot Forest People.  He has obtained a plethora of evidence, including foot casts, fingerprints, hand prints, pictures, audio recordings of spoken Bigfoot language, saliva sample, hair sample, etc.  The most fascinating aspect of "Dr J's" research is the association of paranormal phenomena with the Bigfoot Forest People such as Cloaking, Zapping, Mind speak, Reading through memories, Healing, Orbs, Portals, etc.

Sunday, November 6th - 1:30pm (in the Sight & Sound barn)




Sean Stone


“New World Order”


While studying at Princeton, Sean Stone came across the writings of the enigmatic scholar, poet, and statesman William Yandell Elliott, informing the basis of his Senior Thesis, which has been adapted into his recently released book - New World Order.  The book seeks to underscore the meaning of the New World Order as the influence of British imperial politics via the intellectual history of Elliott and his major protégés such as Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and Samuel P. Huntington.  Stone will discuss the findings of his book, as well as its implications for the present day.

Q&A to follow.


Sean Stone has grown up in the film-world, having acted since childhood in his father Oliver Stone’s films.  He has directed the horror film Greystone Park, starring in that as well as Union Bound, Paranormal Activity Security Squad, and the upcoming Enter the Fist.  Stone currently co-hosts the RT news show Watching the Hawks as well as the online interview program Buzzsaw, now on Gaia TV.


Sunday, November 6th - 2:30pm



Guided Meditation


with Dinner


Throughout this past year, Dinner has been leading frequent Guided Meditations in an abandoned art studio in Los Angeles. We invite you to experience “Dinner's Dream Journey”, a 40-minute guided meditation at Mercado Sagrado.


Dinner (aka Anders Rhedin) has put out two records and two hypnosis tapes on Captured Tracks and toured the world with Mac Demarco and Prince Rama. Dinner’s music combines 80s sounding thrash-pop with thematic overtones of spiritual longings, human lust, and the impermanence of all things…  


Saturday, November 5th - 3pm





mercado sagrado FILM SCREENINGS



Morning of the Earth


A film by Albert Falzon, 1971

One ocean once covered the world… it was the Morning of the Earth.

Described as being “about the Garden of Eden, plus waves, minus serpent.” The film portrays surfers living in spiritual harmony with nature, making their own boards (and homes) as they travelled in search of the perfect wave across Australia’s north-east coast, Bali and Hawaii.


Albert "Alby" Falzon (born 1945) is an Australian filmmaker, photographer and publisher in the surfing sub-culture. Falzon's career in film making was a natural progression from international still photography, and later combined with magazine publishing, in Australia, Israel and the island of Bali in Indonesia. In 1970, he was co-founder and publisher of the surfing newspaper tracks, with David Elfick and John Witzig. His perceptive and sensitive photographic eye almost suggests that he was born with a camera in it

He is presently working on three books. Essence a pictorial on flowers and exotic images from his world travels. Surf Art a portfolio on the work of ten world-renowned surf photographers and, Journey to The Wesak Valley, a diary of his travels to the sacred Wesak Valley, near Mt. Kailas in Western Tibet.


Saturday, November 5th -11:00am (with Sound Bath by Kassia Meador & Farmer Dave)




Expencive Porno Movie


A film by Tin Ojeda, 2014


A delightfully retro 45 minutes of experimental surf on Super 16mm featuring Dane Peerson, Kassia Meador, Alex Knost, JJ Wessels, Mikey Detemple, Trevor Gordon. Kyle Albers, Devon Howard, Justin Adams, Scotyy Stopnik, Jared Mell and Ryan Burch.


Tin Ojeda work spans several mediums, where his approach and artistic sense are born from experimentation and spontaneity. He can be at once a documentarian and a voyeur, where by utilizing film and photography capture this tenuous duality. His most recent solo exhibition at Tripoli Gallery in the Autumn 2012 featured his video portraits. There is an inherent sculptural quality to his photographs and films, highlighting the importance of installation and the artistic process from the very start to the absolute finish. He has been included in several group exhibitions, one of which debuted at the 303 Gallery in New York. He currently lives and works in Montauk, New York.


Saturday, November 5th - 12:30pm

Sunday, November 6th - 10am (with Sound Bath by Kassia Meador & Farmer Dave)




We Are Not Alone: The Films of the Unarius Academy of Science


Founded in 1954 by husband and wife clairvoyants Ernest L. and Ruth E. Norman (aka Archangel Uriel), the Unarius Academy of Science promotes spiritual growth through clairvoyant guidance, principles of reincarnation and interaction with benevolent spirit guides.

Beginning the mid-‘70s, Ruth Norman encouraged all her students to create art as part of their spiritual growth, through intuitive painting, poetry, music, and, most notably, the creation of past-life psychodrama “documentary” films and videos. These films feature Unariun students in otherworldly costumes and full makeup, elaborate sets, and wildly innovative no-budget special effects, re-enacting their previous lives together on Earth and other planets for purposes of spiritual healing. This ambitious collective produced a legacy of some of the most mind-expanding, oddly uplifting gems of American outsider cinema, over 100 film and video productions, which have been repeatedly aired on public-access TV across America since the ‘80s.

Jodi Wille will give a brief introduction to Unarius and show her new short film on the group called  WE ARE NOT ALONE, commissioned by The Front, as well as a special Unarius video mixtape created by The Cinefamily.


A filmmaker, programmer, book publisher, and curator, Jodi Wille is known for her work exploring American subcultures. Wille directed the documentary THE SOURCE FAMILY (2012) with Maria Demopoulos. She is cofounder and editor of book publishing companies Dilettante Press and Process Media and serves as a longtime guest programmer at The Cinefamily in Los Angeles. In 2014 she co-curated the yearlong, 244 work exhibition “The Visionary Experience: From St. Francis to Finster” at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore. She premiered her documentary short WE ARE NOT ALONE (2016) in London on June 17 at The Horse Hospital arts center, opening a monthlong exhibition of Unarius art, costumes, photography and artifacts.


Sunday, November 6th - 3pm







with Kassia Meador & Farmer Dave Scher

The first healing tool was sound. Our bodies are 70% water, ideal conductors for vibrational sound healing experiences. Through sonic vibration your brain will reach a deep healing theta state through a process called entrainment. Sound healing can lower blood pressure, reduce cardiac disease, improve immunity, significantly reduce stress hormones, stabilize your mood and give you better sleep. The different notes and frequencies of the sound tools we use are also tuned to your seven life force energy centers. Be prepared to move energy quickly, clear blockages, feel the new vibrations and bliss out.  


Kassia and Farmer Dave embody the true spirit of California; a new and refreshing approach to the traditional medicine path, surfing the wave of sonic evolution where ancient meets modern to form a bridge to the future. Come drop in with them. All you need to bring is an open heart, an open mind and something cozy to lie on. Follow your breath and they will help to facilitate the rest….


Saturday, November 5th - 11am

Sunday, November 6th - 10am








with Aubree McAtee


Native Plants & Local Wool for Kids:  With local plants, learn how to extract the colors and dye locally sourced wool from sheep and alpaca. Spin the wool with your very own spindle and bring home a ball of yarn that you hand dyed along with a spindle. Saturday, November 5th - 11am


Dreamcatchers & Storytelling: Learn the story behind a dream catcher. Create with hand-made beads, local plants and objects and the history behind a dreamcatcher and its purpose. Saturday, November 5th - 2pm 


Oak Ecology & Acorn ProcessingWander walk on the land with a naturalist and learn about the different oaks in your backyard. Collects acorns and learn how to process and eat acorns! Grind the raw acorns and make your very own acorn meal to share with your family! Sunday, November 6th - 11am


Story Time & Nature Walk:  Sunday, November 6th - 2pm


Aubree McAtee believes in creating meaningful education experiences.  She has been called to find a balance between teaching and listening, and has created and ran educational programs in Patagonia for Conservación Patagónica for over two years, working and developing the future Patagonia National Park in Chile. She hopes to bridge the gap in urban neighborhoods providing nature connection for all children and while continuing to collaborate with parks and reserves to create educational programs that honor the land, culture and its people. Currently, she serves as an outreach and education coordinator for a small nonprofit in San Francisco and spends her free time holding children's space and workshops in nature.


Dates & Times Listed Above

Fee: $45.00 each workshop or two for $80 (Story Time & Nature Walk is Free)

Please arrive a few minutes early. Space is limited and online pre-sale tickets are not available for the children’s workshops. Please visit Aubree at the Children's ("Sagraditos") Zone to purchase a ticket and reserve a space for your child. Children’s workshops are most appropriate for kids ages 4-12.

Workshop fee is in additional to Mercado Sagrado entrance fee.