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Saturday 11:15-1:15pm


With Lauri Kranz of Edible Gardens


Join Lauri Kranz of Edible Gardens LA as she teaches you how to start your own vegetable garden or help you keep the one you have healthy.  Learn all about organic gardening and get your hands dirty with a herb garden potting workshop. Participants will get to plant an herb pot that they take home with them.

Edible Gardens LA designs, builds, plants and sustains organic vegetable gardens and edible landscapes. Founder Lauri Kranz teaches gardening at local schools and with her company Edible Gardens LA, helps chefs, families and anyone with an interest in having a home garden grow lush gardens full of organic vegetables. Edible Gardens LA has teamed up with DJ Anne Litt (KCRW) for Music In The Garden - a series of concerts in public and private gardens to help raise awareness about the importance of growing your own food, giving back and creating community.

Fee: $60. This workshop has a fee in addition to entrance fee. Please arrive a few minutes early. Space is limited. 



With Lindsay Mack of Tarot for the Wild Soul

Tarot for the Wild Soul is a beautiful and comprehensive workshop that will explore the Tarot through the lens of deep soul evolution. Together, we will journey into the bones, heart and soul of the Tarot, and participants will leave with the wisdom, foundation and knowledge to begin or enhance their own Soul Tarot practice.

In this workshop, we will cover: how to read Tarot for the Soul, the Majors, the Minors, the Court Cards, pulling cards for ourselves and how to view Tarot as a tool for deep healing and expansion. 

Please bring a 78 card Tarot deck, if you have one! If not, you can easily take this class without it.

Lindsay Mack, founder of Wild Soul Healing, is an intuitive tarot reader, holistic counselor, podcast host, and teacher based in Brooklyn, NY. She offers Intuitive Soul Readings, Deep Dives, Sacred Mentorship, and Tarot Trainings for those who desire to live fully on their true soul path. She is the creator of Soul Tarot, a way of interpreting, understanding and intentionally utilizing the Tarot as wild medicine for our soul's evolution. Soul Tarot is a fusion of channeled wisdom from her guides, her 22 years of experience reading and studying Tarot, and her own healing journey. She hosts a weekly podcast, called Tarot for the Wild Soul, featuring deep conversations, energetic downloads, and tarot teachings for the soul.

Saturday 1:30 - 3:30

Fee: $45. This workshop has a fee in addition to entrance fee. Please arrive a few minutes early. Space is limited.


Saturday 3:30 - 5pm


With Amanda Ackerman & Saewon Oh


We are always communicating with the natural world. Through our gestures, breath, emotion, and visioning, we co-exist and co-evolve in a constant flow of interaction.  However, our ability to notice these interactions is often obscured.  This workshop will provide techniques for awakening our interspecies selves and engaging the language of plants. We’ll work with specific herbs, teas, and flower essences whose medicine (or gifts) offer specific insight into the current collective issues we are traveling through.  All bodies and backgrounds welcome.

Amanda Ackerman is an author, teacher, and flower essence practitioner living in Los Angeles.  She has been a flower essence therapist for over 17 years and has recently founded Plant Language, a hub for flower and vibrational remedies.  Her own work with the plant world focuses on the feralscape, divining techniques that allow for communication across species boundaries.  Her book The Book of Feral Flora was published in 2015 and uses biofeedback techniques that allow plants to create poems.  She regularly offers flower essence therapy readings in Los Angeles and beyond.

Saewon Oh is an artist, teacher, herbalist, medicine maker and the founder of Sun Song, a line of handmade herbal remedies designed for meditative and earth-based healing practices.  She’s a member of the Nine Herbs Charm collective, which engages creative collaboration with plant consciousness, and also co-hosts a weekly series of flower essence infused yoga with Manifestation Yin.

Fee: $45. This workshop has a fee in addition to entrance fee. Please arrive a few minutes early. Space is limited.


Sunday 10:15 - 12:15pm


With Carlota Santamaria

A unique creative energy emerges when people work together to create art--a synergy or collective flow is felt. It's a simple, yet profoundly powerful intervention. We will dive into the physicality of painting and free movement flow, experimenting with live drawing to create a collective mural. The focus will be on the  inner experience and the present moment, understood as a meditation in motion. Painting awakens energy that unlocks our artistic and emotional abilities. This workshop is not about the final painting, it’s about process, being present, experiencing color, shape, proportions and creative energy. It’s about unlocking your creative power and letting go. Creating together in this way allows us to transcend ourselves by becoming part of a greater whole.

All art supplies will be provided and we will be using water base paint as a medium. Participants will take home works created during the workshop

Carlota Santamaria is a Barcelona born creative director and visual artist, based in Los Angeles. She has also lived in New York, Paris, Belgium and Japan, which gave her a worldwide vision of the cultural contemporary world and a deep understanding of creative thinking and image making. Her work has been awarded in the European Design Awards, Art director’s Club and Laus. It has been showcased at the New Museum and Storefront for Architecture in New York , Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Antwerp’s Momu or Barcelona’s Caixa Forum.

Fee: $30. This workshop has a fee in addition to entrance fee. Please arrive a few minutes early. Space is limited.



With Tara Whitsitt of Fermentation on Wheels

Discover the simple tradition of preservation through bacterial collaboration in one of its most simple forms: via the local micro-flora of vegetables! Fermented foods heal our bodies, celebrate age-old traditions, and promote healthy eco-systems. Learn about the cost effective and simple tools involved and go home knowing how to creatively and fearlessly make sauerkraut, cucumber pickles, and much more.

Tara Whitsitt is an artist and food educator who organizes events nationwide to bridge communities and restore a genuine fascination in local, traditionally-preserved foods. She is also the author of Fermentation on Wheels: Road Stories, Food Ramblings, and 50 Do-It-Yourself Recipes, an illustrated memoir/cookbook following the project that toured the United States for two years, teaching fermentation to and inspiring communities out of a school bus converted into a fermentation lab, library, and workshop space.

Fermentation on Wheels is a grassroots project that brings fermentation education to communities of all ages and backgrounds and inspires with a school bus that has been converted into a fermentation lab, library, and workshop space. The project’s founder, Tara Whitsitt, organizes events nationwide to bridge communities and restore a genuine fascination in local, traditionally-preserved foods. By traveling the country, connecting consumers to local farmers, and teaching fermentation, she hopes to emphasize the importance of strong, sustainable food practices and values.

Sunday 12:30 - 2pm

This workshop is free. Please arrive a few minutes early. Space is limited.

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Sunday 2 - 4pm


With Jo Abellera of KKIBO

In this 2 hour workshop, work with your hands and learn all the macrame knots to create a Macrame Planter or Macrame Wallhanging of your own design. We will be working with natural and indigo dyed jute, cotton, hemp, rattan and California driftwood.

Jo Abellera is the designer and maker of KKIBO, an artisanal line of knitwear, clothing, macrame market bags and macrame homewares. Known for its mix of primitive, organic forms and modern sustainable design, KKIBO is largely made in Los Angeles and in Abellera's home studio in Lake Arrowhead, California. "I think the core mission of KKIBO is to make unique, thoughtful pieces inspired by the natural world," the designer explains, "using the traditional techniques of knitting, crochet, weaving, and macrame in a new way."

Fee:$90. This workshop has a fee in addition to entrance fee. Please arrive a few minutes early. Space is limited.


Saturday 11:15am

Creative Journaling

With laura rubin


Laura Rubin of AllSwell believes that everyone has a unique creative voice, regardless of whether you’re an artist or not. Dive into accessible, writing-based activities to tap into your divine, creative flow and nurture a journaling practice. You don’t need to have any background in writing or journaling whatsoever to enjoy this experience. The mere act of putting pen to paper is illuminating and therapeutic. Blank AllSwell notebooks and writing utensils available on site for purchase, or bring your own along.

Laura Rubin spent fifteen plus years successfully helping brands find (and use) their creative voices as the head of communications boutique Left Left Right. She recognized the power that process could provide when applied to the individual. Coupled with the fulfillment of a life-long journaling practice, Laura began AllSwell as a means of inspiring others to access these tools for themselves, whether they’re applied in their private or professional lives.

Saturday 11am, 11:30am, 12pm, 12:30pm, 1pm, 1:30pm 


With Jungmaven


Join Hemp aficionado’s Jungmaven for an Indigo Tie Dye workshop. Each participant will receive Two Shirts to Indigo Tie Dye (one light weight and one heavy weight). Jungmaven Hemp Tee's are organic, non-GMO and ethically Made in the USA.

Please wear indigo colored clothing or something you don’t mind getting dye on.

Jungmaven wants everyone in a Hemp Tee by 2020 to support legalized growing of industrial hemp for a healthier planet. Hemp farming cleans the air, water and nourishes the land helping mitigate climate change. Their deep roots need less water than similar crops like cotton, rice and wheat. Hemp carbon farms CO2 back into the ground from our atmosphere. Hemp is one of the world’s best rotation crops and needs no (round-up) pesticides. It's organic, there is no GMO hemp. Hemp has been grown for thousands of years for its strength and simplicity in clothing. The word canvas is derived from cannabis and has been worked with for sails, ropes, charts, maps and more helping man/woman navigate the world.

Fee: $60. This workshop has a fee in addition to entrance fee. Please arrive a few minutes early. Space is limited.

Gaia 7.jpg

Sunday 2 - 3:30pm



Join Marysia Miernowska, director of The Gaia School of Healing & Earth Education, for a Kava Plant Meditation & Ceremony. This one hour gathering will be an opportunity to drink the medicinal plant together, and enjoy a guided meditation to meet the spirit of the plant and receive it's medicine, magick and message for you. This is also an introduction to the teachings of the Gaia school, where we weave our consciousness into the consciousness of the Earth, with the healing plant teachers as our guides. No experience necessary, this is a very safe and loving plant.

Please bring a mug and a journal.

Marysia Miernowska is an herbalist, witch, biodynamic gardener and Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner rooted in the Wise Woman Tradition of Healing. She is the director of the California branch of The Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education where she holds ceremony & teaches herbal medicine, plant shamanism, regenerative farming practices, and Earth magick.

A multilingual and multicultural devotee of Mother Earth, Marysia has traveled extensively, learning different regenerative ways of tending to the Earth and sharing Earth medicine. She has a background as a community organizer and activist, and keeps her feet rooted by designing and tending to medicinal gardens using permaculture and biodynamic practices. Marysia formulates herbal medicine as a consultant and also makes sacred plant botanicals under the label Flora Sagrada. She lives in Topanga, CA. with her daughter Flora, grows biodynamic herbs in Malibu, and teaches and holds ceremony in the greater LA area. Marysia shares her passions with her students & community through education, ceremony, in the gardens she tends and in her writing.

Fee: $20. This workshop has a fee in addition to entrance fee. Please arrive a few minutes early. Space is limited.


Saturday 11:30am + 3pm




There are no accidents: every collection of people is joined together for a unique purpose. Join Mama Medicine as she leads a collective ceremony and discover what links you with others in the room and how your journey is supported by friends you’ve never met. These ceremonies are collective medicine readings, a bespoke blend of ancient healing traditions crafted for our modern life. Mama Medicine begins by reading the collective aura and identifying the common thread. The ceremony itself is a full-sensory experience, combining sound and crystal healing, energy balancing, intuitive reading, and spiritual guidance.

Deborah Hanekamp (Mama Medicine) is a Seeress carrying over 17 years in the healing arts. She is an Initiated Amazonian Shaman, Reiki Master and Yogini. Guided by the present moment, Deborah has facilitated Medicine Readings and Medicine Reading ceremonies all over the world. Her work has been featured in Vogue, New York Times & Marie Claire Magazine.

Fee: $55. This workshop has a fee in addition to entrance fee. Please arrive a few minutes early. Space is limited.



11:30am Saturday

Native Plants & Local Wool for Kids

With local plants, learn how to extract the colors and dye locally sourced wool from sheep and alpaca. Spin the wool with your very own spindle and bring home a ball of yarn that you hand dyed along with a spindle.

Children's workshop fee: $45 for one / $80 for 2. Space is limited. 


2pm Saturday

Dreamcatchers & Storytelling

Learn the story behind a dream catcher. Create with hand-made beads, local plants and objects and the history behind a dreamcatcher and its purpose.

Children's workshop fee: $45 for one / $80 for 2. Space is limited. 


Saturday 3:30 - 5pm

Cordage & Native Fibers

Wander walk on the land with a naturalist and learn about the traditional use of native plants in your backyard. Learn the history of the making of cordage – rope and string – and how it served as an extremely important technology that was used by native peoples in California. Make a necklace or a bracelet!

Children's workshop fee: $45 for one / $80 for 2. Space is limited. 


Sunday 2pm

Story Time & Nature Walk


Aubree McAtee

...believes in creating meaningful education experiences.  She has been called to find a balance between teaching and listening, and has created and ran educational programs in Patagonia for Conservación Patagónica for over two years, working and developing the future Patagonia National Park in Chile. She hopes to bridge the gap in urban neighborhoods providing nature connection for all children and while continuing to collaborate with parks and reserves to create educational programs that honor the land, culture and its people. Currently, she serves as an outreach and education coordinator for a small nonprofit in San Francisco and spends her free time holding children's space and workshops in nature.