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The Future of Love

Mercado Sagrado presents

The Future of Love

New Understandings of the Masculine, the
Feminine & the Balance In Between

Sunday February 5, 2017
Topanga Canyon
11am – 5pm

all are welcome

Photo credit: Niomi Fawn  @curatesantafe

Photo credit: Niomi Fawn @curatesantafe



The Future of Love


New Understandings of the Masculine, the Feminine & The Balance In Between

The most transformative medicine on the planet, Love begins as an electrical sensation in our nervous systems, initiating a massive chain reaction reaching far beyond ourselves: acts of cherishing, caring, desiring to be a better person, touching another human being or many. It is a super human strength that empowers us beyond our imaginations, even during heartbreak.

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient technology, honed and refined in secret, over countless generations of masters and initiates. It tonifies the nervous system, removing blocks and resistances, raising our energy to higher frequencies and  opening our awareness to expanded realities. 

In this day-long workshop we will investigate our own inner balance of receptivity and taking action with Kundalini Kriyas such as Heart of Gold, Adi Shakti (Primal Energy of the Feminine), and the Saahibee Kriya: Mastering One's Domain. 

In addition to the Kundalini practices, there will be discussion of current Astrological & Ascension activity, time for Proprioceptive/Process writing & Eye Gazing.  

Participants will be given simple meditations to practice home, particular to their own inner balance and needs.


Known internationally as The Love Artist, Kathe is a Kundalini leader, mother of three daughters, esteemed poet/essayist & conceptual artist, astrologer & intuitive spiritual counselor. She has built an intensive curriculum (The School of Invisible Arts) combining present moment awareness, plant spirit medicines, an innate understanding of internal & universal rhythms & a variety of daily spiritual practices to guide us through the current rigorous planetary changes.