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Locational Astrology for Modern Travel

  • Topanga, CA 90290 USA (map)


Locational Astrology for Modern Travel

with Alexandra Clark of Astrocarto



Join us for an afternoon in the canyon with Alexandra Clark to learn all about Locational Astrology. She’ll discuss its history, why it’s relevant in our digital world and why we feel called to certain cities or cultures even if we have never visited. Learn how to build the life you love, create community, and balance purpose with wanderlust.  

Archaeologists and dowswers have demonstrated the presence of Earth’s ley lines, or meridians. Where they lie and also where they intersect are believed to have higher concentrations of energetic power. One such vortex is in southern England where Stonehenge was built and crop circles often emerge. Although visiting these sites can indeed be potent, it can be more powerful to discover and connect to our own evolutionary portals. We were each born with an astrological map that displays a unique grid which transverses our personal places of power.

Each attendee will receive a personal AstroCartoGraphy Map locating the best regions for personal growth, career expansion and community. Alexandra will share practical tools and guidance on how we can start applying this knowledge within our lives to find and create our most supportive environments.

As the Earth has meridians, so do our bodies. It’s imperative we keep our energy flowing as blockages can lead to dis-ease. One way we can do this is by working with certain sounds or frequencies such ancient tones used by Qi Gong practitioners. Another way is to make sure we’re nourishing ourselves with high vibrational foods such as fresh organic vegetables and fruits. Thus, in support of our afternoon of self discovery, we’ll enjoy light bites by Sakara and close with a custom, sound healing journey by Kassia Meador.

Alexandra Clark

grew up with a love of travel, always seeking to learn more about language, culture, and the unseen forces that tie us all together. While in school for Chinese Medicine, she discovered locational astrology by chance, fascinated by its playful outlook on self-discovery. She now practices with the intent to help people understand there is always a path, reason, and unique timing to life. She uses this modality to help others find a greater sense of where they are, and where they are going. Alexandra deeply believes that you don't need to travel far distances to see all the benefits of Astro/Carto, many of the findings on your map can be applied to everyday life at home.

Kassia Meador

is a pro surfer, environmental and community activist, designer and sound healer. She is constantly exploring new projects and adventures, taking time to collaborate with others who inspire her. Kassia facilitates public and private sound healing utilizing a myriad of instruments including crystal bowls, far infared heat, tuning forks, and gongs. She brings a new and refreshing approach to vibrational medicine and sound healing, surfing the wave of sonic evolution, bridging ancient wisdom with modern techniques.

sakara life

is a wellness philosophy grounded in the belief that food is medicine. Combining cutting-edge nutrition science and ancient healing wisdom, they deliver plant-based meal programs, functional snacks, and supplements conveniently to your doorstep. Sourced with the highest-quality organic ingredients, powerful superfoods, and made with love, these products are designed to help you feel like your best self.