beyond an event

It’s a well-curated craft, art, and design pop-up. It’s also a music fest, a wellness marketplace, and an organic food fair. But it goes beyond that. We’re building a community and, we hope, creating an unforgettable experience. It’s a place for artisans to share their craft, where commerce is ethical and conscious. A place for like-minded people to gather, to inspire and be inspired. To find new ways to heal and expand. We like to think of it as a festival with deeper meaning. One with a connection to art and craft beyond consumerism. One with food that nourishes and music that resonates. One that speaks to a higher consciousness, and a more beautiful, insightful, deliberate way of living.

“L.A.'s having a moment…. But, with the city so spread out across hills and valleys, it's hard to get a feel for what's going on as a whole. Which is exactly why we're crazy for Mercado Sagrado, a new annual lifestyle fair featuring music, artisans, great vintage finds, and delicious food.”



“If you’re an impassioned lover of the earth, peace, and nature—and probably eat everything organic—this two day festival is your new home away from home.”

–Time Out

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